Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Now, that's Nashville

Um, I just think the song is bad. Omg, LL the shout outs at the end of the song. The past is the past do I feel you.??>>>


I'm still amazed by Steubenville Case and CNN with their ratchet ass reporting skills. Thank god for Anonymous.

I feel sorry for Malik. He truly is sorry and I hope things change for him. However, Trent Mays needs... He is a self-righteous prick and has no idea what he has done.

This world is going to hell in a handbasket!

Rewind: Madonna

This is when Madge was really polishing her brit accent.

Can you just imagine Madonna with Leroy?
Leroy? man, I totally wanted Leroy to be my friend. Loved him.

An ode to Crawdaddies: David Letterman

I'm freaked out that I caught it. The joy of reading too many blogs. 

In other news, David has a thing for Lindsay Lo.
Okay, the laugh track in that top ten...i need to wipe my bum, so gross.

Friday, April 5, 2013

In the Know

There eyes are not watching God. They are watching you. Woman arrested for a photo she toook and posted on Instagram. RT.Com

James Holmes there is more to James Holmes

Mom lights cig for young toddler. Light it up Johnny

You might actually know how sexual relationships really are Porn Life

If I don't check this out, I feel lost. I need it like everyday! YKYDW

Oh man, Snoop and It's Miley Ashtrays and Heartbreaks. This is no Party in the USA. ;)

body snatchers

it continues. dreams are disgusting. so many invaders. i feel i need to do some protective work. things are getting a little bit like star wars at night. i truly need for the force to be with me. hold me force like a baby's blanket.

how does it happen? how can a portal open up? we are all connected. it's true but this connection is a bleeding tumor. i was healed. now, i'm infected. ugh, contagion. i need to call matt damon.

i'm looking at my man right now. i wonder if he has invaders. i need to enter his dreams. see him fly in his night. that would be glorious!

i guess i will just get closer to him.